SCWGCA's Xcel 101 Clinic

The SCWGCA held its Xcel 101 Clinic on August 10 & 11th, 2019.   We would like to thank all of the SoCal teams that supported the clinic.  The gymnasts were coached by a group of outstanding Southern California clinicians who helped to not only improve their skills but also introduced them to drills and basics that will help them develop many new skills in the future.  The coaches also participated by attending a session where they were given the latest Xcel updates as well a discussion on the importance of professionalism in coaching.


SCWGCA is proud to sponsor a "Super Senior" essay contest for all graduating seniors in SoCal and the Class of 2019 came well prepared. We received a record number of submissions and we awarded the largest group of writers to date. This year through the combined efforts of the SoCal gymnastics community we were able to fundraise $28,500 towards this awesome endeavor.  SCWGCA is proud to award these outstanding writers:

Natalie Sadhigi-AZARIAN    Awarded $ 5000

Erin Morden-AFTERSHOCK   Awarded $ 4500

Cameron Kelperis-AGA Awarded $ 4000